CEO Spotlight: Roshan Pujari SPAC Panelist for Dallas Bar Association

VIKASA CEO Roshan Pujari spoke on SPACs as a panelist at a virtual meeting of the Securities Section of the Dallas Bar Association. Roshan detailed his approach on SPAC formation and other topics alongside Lynwood Reinhardt, Esq. and Bobby Majumder, Esq. of ReedSmith, LLP and Brad Nelson, managing director at energy-investment banking group, Stephens Inc.

Since the beginning of 2021, there have been an average of 5-10 new SPAC announcements per week and 5-10 new SPAC IPOs per day. According to Roshan, SPACS are growing in popularity as a valuable investment opportunity because of their ability to access public market investors in differentiated forms, which removes the risks associated with public market debuts. With the potential to raise funds and add value through operational expertise, SPACs support valuation and equity beyond what the traditional IPO process can promise. Their highly targeted PIPE process also creates a more mature shareholder register and stabilizes after-market trading.

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