VIKASA is a global investment firm focused on clean energy, fintech and India.


VIKASA enables growth and success for our investors and partners through deep sector-expertise, independent analysis and a differentiated value-added approach.


VIKASA Capital was founded in 2010, organized as a limited liability company in 2012 and reorganized as VIKASA Capital Inc. in 2021. We have global infrastructure spanning across four continents. Our subsidiaries include VIKASA Capital Advisors LLC, VIKASA Capital Partners LLC and VIKASA Investment Management Ltd.

Diverse Ownership
Years in Business
Our Values
VIKASA is proud to be a diverse owned company. VIKASA is entrepreneurial in spirit and has a preference for women and diversity among companies, founders and entrepreneurs during the investment process.


VIKASA is committed to sustainability. We identify investment strategies and growth opportunities with the potential to create lasting value, building a better future.


VIKASA conducts itself with integrity always treating clients and partners with respect. VIKASA values transparency, empowering investors with new standards of governance and risk management.


VIKASA Capital Advisors is the investment advisory arm of VIKASA managing pooled investment vehicles, including funds. We work with institutions, endowments, family offices and certain qualified investors. We do not accept non-accredited investors. We have independent divisions for venture capital and Indian capital markets.

Investment Advisory
VIKASA Capital Advisors is an emerging manager with an established track record across asset class. Our Investment Team combines independent advisory and best practices while leveraging technology and other efficiencies for sophisticated asset management.
Environmental, Social & Governance
VIKASA is a returns first investor with strict ESG investment standards. These principles are embedded within our rigorous due diligence process and ongoing monitoring. We are committed to sustainability both as an investor and as a corporation.


  • Highest priority to neutral and socially accretive portfolios
  • Social dividend fundamentally factored into our investment process
  • Diversity is key advantage for our investing criteria
  • Compliance with IFC Performance Standards, ICMM Mining Principals and UN SDG and PRI guidelines
  • Compliance with COP26 carbon emission offsets

Corporate Social Responsibility
As an investor, we are returns first. As a corporation, we are impactful. We support those that are making critical changes in the world. From our employees to our Investment Team, we are aligned to create a better future with positive social and environmental change.
Venture Capital
The continuing transformation of the global economy has created opportunities for new and emerging companies. VIKASA partners with entrepreneurs and best-in-class management teams to bring innovative technology and products to market, drive growth and increase value for shareholders. VIKASA was founded by serial entrepreneurs and its founders have been operators for over a decade. We are focused on long-term value creation and have the necessary experience required to scale young companies.

VIKASA Venture, LP is an early-stage fintech investor focused on disruptive technologies, specifically AI and blockchain. We emphasize sustainability and prefer diversity among founders. We seek Seed to Series A rounds and invest between $500,000 to $5,000,000 with reserves for follow-on investments. We look for companies with strong, experienced management and quality anchors, such as other leading VC firms.

Potential portfolio companies, please contact:

Investment Criteria

  • Sectors:  Financial Services, Fintech, AI, Blockchain, Crypto
  • Investment Stage:  Seed to Series A
  • Investment Range:  $500,000 to $5m with reserves for follow-on investments
  • Achieved Product Market Fit:  We do not take risks around proof of concept
  • Strong Management Team:  Proven track record with viable go-to-market strategies
  • Economic Moat:  Competitive advantages, such as proprietary technology and brand power
  • Vision:  Sustainable business model with global application and impact

VIKASA has invested into Indian capital markets through a variety of market cycles. India requires a special skill set finely honed with years of experience. We invest into both capital markets and private markets, providing access for institutional investors who seek to invest into this growing major economy. We understand the context in India, know the players and offer niche expertise and local presence in the region.

VIKASA Investment Management Ltd. is an India-dedicated registered investment advisor in the Republic of Mauritius. We advise funds and institutions benefitting from India’s growth. Established in 2014 and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, we are a Collective Investment Scheme Manager. VIKASA is a member of the S&P BSE Stock Exchange in Mumbai.


VIKASA Capital Partners is the capital advisory arm of VIKASA focused on mergers and acquisitions. Our clients benefit from our deep sector expertise in clean energy and fintech. We help companies grow at every stage of their lifecycle.


  • Advisory – CMA & M&A
  • Corporate Financing
  • Formation