Established in 2010, VIKASA’s reach now spans six continents with offices in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Maui, New York City, Oklahoma City, as well as Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore and Mauritius.

VIKASA is a diversified financial institution and an industry leader in investment advisory, investment banking and other financial services. We strive to empower investors to solve global challenges through robust investment strategies aligned with our core values. With transparency, sustainability and responsibility as our touchstone, we make smarter and stronger long-term growth for our investors and partners, managing risk while fueling ambition.


Our Values

VIKASA Capital aligns with investment strategies, companies, and entrepreneurs that share our core values, such as responsibility and transparency, building sustainable business models and relationships for long-term. As we identify growth opportunities and the potential to create lasting value, our core values are always at the forefront. We believe this makes us smarter and stronger investors and partners. Solutions to global challenges can succeed only if they attract a critical mass. Capital allocation can help to implement robust strategies willing to redefine boundaries.


Committing to a sustainable future.


Setting new standards of governance.


Empowering investors through transparency and risk management.


Transparency is a core value of VIKASA Capital Inc. VIKASA was inspired by the belief that financial institutions have a responsibility to be better. The Financial Crisis proved that responsible institutions create sustainable value. Our investment approach demands the highest level of transparency. This includes full compliance with international regulatory regimes. VIKASA and its subsidiaries make no attempt for tax evasion or secrecy and comply with all KYC norms. VIKASA Capital utilizes Third Party Administration to secure an extra layer of independent compliance. VIKASA works only with Tier 1 level partners and service providers.